We are the “ARM of Analog” for Health and Life Sciences


Exclusive IP License for Competitive Advantage, Superior Margins

We have an exclusive license and the rights to sublicense in the domain of Health and Life Sciences from Circuit Seed


Low-Risk Fabless Semiconductor

A near market fabless semiconductor company that charges customers initiation fees, design fees and royalties


License “Near Market” Solutions

Enable OEM’s and semi-conductor companies to license our proprietary near market sensor and communications solutions


Refreshes Existing/Legacy Products

Enable incumbent companies to enhance their existing products and provide pre-planned product improvement


World of New Product Opportunities

Provide all companies including the unusual suspects and high growth new comers to create new visionary products on our superior systems on a chip solutions


Participate in Lucrative JV’s

For where there is huge business and technology disruption around break through products


Earn Royalties from Other Sector Licensing

New inventions for HSF market capture licensing revenue from parent company Circuit Seed where there is application to other vertical or horizontal markets