Sensory Seed’s Circuit Seed™ technology
takes the best of both worlds and unifies them:

 Sensory Seed a division of Circuit Seed™

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Which result in products that can:

The world and its inhabitants needs technology more than ever to understand how to restore and extend health and quality of life. Without a doubt, quality of life for both people and planet is under enormous pressure and unprecedented risk.

Fundamentally, the world is in critical need of accurate, real time sensor data to support decision making. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Sensory Seed’s contribution will enable a broad range of important social impacts.

Sensory Seed is a spin-off dedicated to Health and Life Sciences using Circuit Seed’s novel, proprietary and technologically advanced “analog in scalable digital” circuitry.

The team has and will continue to create inventions and semiconductor subsystems to accelerate health and life sciences applications.

Sensory Seed has exclusive sub-licensing rights for the IP that it generates, and exclusive field of use and sub-licensing rights for Circuit Seed IP for Health and Life Sciences.

InventionShare is the investment partner for both Circuit Seed and Sensory Seed, and is the architect behind defining joint venture relationships and partners and assisting in their growth and accelerated execution.

Special Purpose Joint Ventures (SPJV) Opportunities

Short Name Description
Lab on a Chip Deep analysis on small format “lab on a chip” technologies has identified a consistent weakness of analog processes limiting the effectiveness of these devices; running the analog process in Sensory Seed digital will provide much needed speed and accuracy with enhanced communications, all on a smaller footprint with lower power.
Water & Air Quality Real time water quality readings from water faucets and throughout the water infrastructure. Adjacent opportunities in air quality sensing, from consumer to industrial and regional air and pollution movements.
Food Quality Food supply quality sensing from farm production (livestock, plants, fish) through logistics, distribution, value add processes at any stage through to consumption. Fly-over drone sensing through to smart fridges, and everything in between.
Skin as a Platform Transdermal surface based measurements systems to contribute diagnostically in a wide range of areas such as EP studies, diabetics, post-op monitoring, pre- and post-transplant care, etc.
Hearing Optimization Personalization and optimization for impairment – sporting events, entertainment, conferences, social events, crowds, etc.
Biosensors Detection of various health and life sciences conditions using chemistry, biochemistry and molecular tag interaction followed by integrated data acquisitions and analysis using the CiFET’s analog-in-digital capability. Biosensors are, in part, implemented in other projects; the evolution of these systems will lead to the evolution of the others.
Pacemakers Incorporate new capabilities to capture data such as cardioactive drug impact assessment, tissue condition, trajectory tracking congestive heart failure, provide a cardiac contractility index, and more.
Implantable Electrodes Cardiac monitoring systems that provide complex information such as the cardio active drug efficacy, CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) trajectory, anomalous cardiac events, tissue condition monitor for monitoring post major organ surgery or transplant).

Competitive Advantage

Sensory Seed

Other Founding Shareholders and Advisory Board

Peter Adams

Chief Executive Officer
Health Innovation Executive

Dr. TR Hudrlik

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Inventor at CPI Medtronic and now InventionShare

Ron Laurie

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
Executive Chairman, CIPO, InventionShare

Greg Waite

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
Entrepreneur, Investor, Inventor

Robert C. Schober

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
CTO, Circuit Seed

Dr. Susan M. Schober

Advisory Board, Co-Founder
CIO, Circuit Seed

Dr. Aaron Curry

Chief Applications Officer, Circuit Seed

Kevin Bailey

Advisory Board
CEO, Design 1st

Dr. Dave Wayne

Semi-Conductor and Mixed Signal Specialist
CEO, Desert Microtechnology

Dan Hudrlik

Sensory Seed